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artists currently on board blutopia.networks:


album name

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hugh featherstone

me & miss wray (disc one)

this stranger among you

16 / 06 / 03

16 / 06 / 04


hugh featherstone

a bird of passage between diverse musical styles, the difficulty of packaging hugh featherstone as a recording artist has been a commercial weakness but an artistic strength. his playing avoids gratuitous virtuosity for an honesty of presentation in which the material dictates its own terms.

me & miss wray

a double cd containing a total of 26 songs. this low-key, lo-fi collection is a fine showcase of hugh’s style and lyrical sense. it makes an excellent introduction for those who have not yet encountered this unique talent.

this stranger among you

3 volume set - the collected experiences & observations of the last three decades emerge in bitter-sweet ballads & edge-city songs with poignant & penetrating lyrics & melody hooks that won't let go.

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hugh featherstone's "me & miss wray" has been released through the blutopia network.