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blutopia.networks: bringing music you like to people like you!

so, when was the last time you bought a cd? a little while ago, a long while ago? or maybe you never buy them because it’s so easy to pull them off the net or copy a friend’s. but, hey, isn’t that theft? same as stealing someone’s jacket or mobile phone? it hurts the record companies, stops them investing in new talent and, above all, takes money straight out of the pockets of the artists and musicians by stealing their creation and their copyright, one vital way they have of making a living and getting some respect for their work. but it’s not your fault … cds are just sooo expensive, right! sure they are, but stealing the music isn’t going to make them any cheaper. the less the record companies sell, the more they have to raise the price, the more they raise the price, the more people will copy … there’s no end to it! well, now there is! blutopia.networks was created as an alternative to piracy, but also as an alternative to the fat-cat industry full of wheeler-dealers and middle men. with blutopia.networks you get good sounds practically for free, thanks to our “give forward, pay back” system. the important element is you: distributor and consumer all in one. want to learn more about how it works? just read on!



welcome to blutopia.networks. thanks to our revolutionary distribution, we are able to get little-known music out to the wider public it deserves ... practically for free! you have in your hand disc one (red) of “me & miss wray”, a double cd containing a total of 26 songs from singer/songwriter and guitarist hugh featherstone. this low-key, lo-fi collection is a fine showcase of hugh’s style and lyrical sense. it makes an excellent introduction for those who have not yet encountered this unique talent. if you enjoy disc one and would like to receive disc two (green) plus the complete “me & miss wray” double sleeve and booklets, write your name and address (IN CLEAR BLOCK CAPITALS, PLEASE) on the order card and post it to us, together with a €20 note, using the envelope provided. within 14 days you will receive not only your order, but also 5 more free copies of disc one, which we kindly ask you to pass on to the people you think most likely to enjoy this music. on receiving your completed “miss wray”, it would be an honest gesture on your part if you would give €5 to the person who originally gave you the red cd. after all, he or she has performed the function of distributor, a role you are now playing to your own contacts. these will in turn show their appreciation to you, when they order the complete cd. that’s the blutopia.networks way: “give forward, pay back”. so with luck your cd will have cost you nothing. by this simple act you help us bypass an industry of middle men, putting the power back where it belongs ... with the artists and their public. thank you!

blutopia.networks: bringing music you like to people like you!


yes, i should like to complete my “me & miss wray”. i enclose a €20 note for the remaining disc, its double sleeve, the inlay booklets and five free copies of disc one*. these i agree to distribute to five other people. this engagement does not in any way affect my statutory rights. for the distribution role played by the person who introduced me to cd one, i intend to show my appreciation with a gift in cash or kind equivalent to €5. i undertake to make no copies of either cd except for my personal use. i agree that unlawful copying, hiring or lending for the purpose of copying is stealing from the artist’s pocket.

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blutopia.networks may archive my co-ordinates for the purpose of informing me of future releases and concerts [YES]** [NO]

** e-mail

* blutopia.networks reserves the right to substitute other free sample discs from the same artist or from another artist of the same genre as, if and when market demand requires.

blutopia.networks: bringing music you like to people like you!

please fold along this dotted line and don’t forget to place your €20 in notes between








if undelivered please return to:
blutopia.networks, aachenerstrasse 256, 4730 – hauset, belgium

blutopia.networks: bringing music you like to people like you!

copyright © 2002 by blutopia.networks.


hugh featherstone's "me & miss wray" has been released through blutopia.networks.